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Posted - 5/07/2010

Mw& Transmission Planning Engineer

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    Finland, Espoo


More than 15 years hands on Roll-out & field experience from cellular transmission. MW, PDH/SDH/ 2&3G Transmission Planning from field (LOS) to detail level with professional exposure.


Harry Sopanen Mw&Transmission Planning Engineer PROFILE – More than 15 years hands on Roll-out & field experience from cellular transmission. MW, PDH/SDH/ 2&3G Transmission Planning from field (LOS) to detail level with professional exposure. PROFESSIONAL RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: NSN South Africa / Mw Transmission Planning Engineer 2010(Jan) – (Feb) • Create Mw 3G access topology & capacity plan for 240 sites, using Nokia 15 GHz Flexi packet & 38GHz Flexi hybrid Ethernet Mw radio ,Used tools : Pathloss 4 & Mapinfo. Ericsson UK / MBNL swap project. TX planning Engineer 2008(July – 2009(Dec) • Create & upgrade cluster VC12 & Hub site circuits for BT lease line’s, (ATM &TDM). Upgrade Mw plan’s (Minilink TN 38, 23, 18 GHz) &NEC radio’s to Nokia RAS 6.0 Flexi & Ultrasite multioperator RAN requirements including migration to Ethernet. Used tools: SAP, Nemesis, Circuit Manager, Apollo, IQ-link, Cramer 5, ADC database, including BT- LL Cap forecasts, Iub upgrade, COCO files & AXC data loading Aircom /Ghana. TX Planning Engineer / 2008( Jan – April) • Create backbone plan for centre and south region for 2xSTM1 (NEC-Neo radio’s) 7GHz with documents and related site surveys. Countrywide access topology (TN15 ) with 3G Nw capacity expansion possibility, establish field survey functions & team organisation and managements. Create TX project plan with related action points for 256 access sites roll-out start-up phase. Tools: Enterprice Connect, Pathloss. Nokia UK /Cable&Wireless. (2G) Transmission Planning Engineer 2006 (Nov) –2007(Jan) UK • Create topology/ path calculations , coordinate LOS surveys in Isle of Man. 15GHz Band Dimensioning & detail plans GSM/GPRS- Nw using Nokia Mw/ Ultrasite / Nokia Nw nodes & Tellabs ADM (BSC). Tools: Netact 5.0, Nokia Transmission Planner 4.1. Celtel Sierra Leone ( 2,5G) Transmission Optimisation Engineer 2006( March) – (July) Sierra Leone • Create & upgrade Backbone topology to Ericsson TN8 and Access sites, specify new tower highs several existing and new sites. Nw-capacity update and frequency plan to swap existing Nw to TN8 & improve Nw performance. • Create Nw-protection plan to backbone loop, SD, FD/X Pol using Tellabs DXX @BSC. • Provide best possible configuration to re-planned paths regarding capacity, redundancy and availability. • Competence transfer to local Engineers & organisation. Used SW`s: Pathloss 4 with SRTM maps, Mapinfo,- & ML Perf. Nokia /Tecom.UAE (3G) Transmission Planning Engineer 2005 (Dec) – (Feb2006) Dubai • Determine minimum tower highs for 6.8GHz Nera SDH Backbone NW with associated field surveys, site location optimisation and topology plan. • Produce path/availability calculations to Nera 2006B. SDH links (with SD) according ITU-R 530-9 Recomm. • Produce Frequency plan for 4x STM1 capacity . Celtel Burkina (Africa) Transmission Planning Engineer 2005 (Jun) – (Oct) Burkina-Faso • Create access topology for 160 sites with site selections/validation field surveys in countrywide. • Determine minimum tower highs for 7&15 GHz links with detailed documents (profiles, budgets,) • Create frequency plan 7&15GHz incl. connections to existing backhaul Nw. Used tools: Pathloss & Mapinfo • Nw-capacity dimensioning (for actual and forecasted to GPRS) level. Used Mw`s Siemens/Harris & NEC. Nokia Networks (Finland) Transmission /Field Planning Engineer (ref. available) 1998 (Sep) –2001 (Dec ) Worldwide Hands on transmission planning support for Nokia global projects. permanent, (ref. available) • Coordinate, control & supervising TRS field planning &outsourced functions. • Determine mapping problems / solutions & Sw`s • Create LOS functions / resources & coordination/ Tower hight`s & loads (Andrew classification) • Locate & discovering RNC/BSC/regions, Hub/ BTS/NodeB selections according RF- nominal plan. • 3G RAN, RNC/BSC/&Nw dimensioning & A, Abis, Ater. • Create transmission nominal plan (if not exist) • Provide capacity plan with Nw-element usability existing and forecasted traffic. • Create detailed 2M plan, TS- mapping with Nokia Nw-elements and tools. ( NetAct /Transmission Planner) • Provide MW-frequency plan, path calculation and topology using Nokia nw-elements. • Determine and compare availability of other medias (LL, SDH Mw/Fibre& ADM/TM). • Field and site surveys/locations, TRS-optimisation, TSS. Elisa Communications (Finland) Transmission Engineer. (Fulltime, member of Vodafone group) 1984 – 1996 (Feb) Finland • Mw planning and fault finding to unit level, Minilink O&M, mw measurements • Minilink C/E type integration, commissioning, Nw-planning, LOS. • 7GHz mw(Siemens) commissioning & Mw- measurements, line-up (CTR-190). • Copper-line PCM (Nokia) O&M/ troubleshooting. • VHF/UHF base-station trouble shooting and antenna installations. • Overseas Cellular project support (Nokia) SKILLS • Experience with Mw/Disc requirements & installations, Towers & loading. • Deep experience (own company) with LOS surveys /coordination, TSS-surveys. • Proficent with Aircom Connect& NetAct/Transmission Planner, Mapinfo, TEMS Link planner. • Experience with Pathloss 4, Ellipse and IQ-link, Nokia Flexihybrid & Flexipacket. • Proficient with ITU-R Recommendations. • Experience with BT & T-Mobile Fiber (LL) ATM, TDM, Ethernet circuiting procedures. • Experience with Nemesis, CM, Cramer 5 (limited) ADC database, Apollo, circuiting. tools. • Experience with Mw PDH/SDH, Frequency plan & Interference and Nw- redundancy . • Experience with Ericsson Minilink HC/TN8-38 / E / SAU IP/DCN • Familiar with 3G ATM / Ethernet Mw-Link planning & Migration. • Familiar with Siemens SRA4, SRA3. SRAL XD Mw´s & DCN Plannig & integration . LANGUAGE English Fluent, Portuguese Basic/Fair, Finnish native. TRAINING NOKIA: • Systra • 3G Access specialist training (Node-B/RNC/WCDMA/IFU-conn/ATM) • Nokia 3G RAN Equipments &Dimensioning/ATM planning. • 2nd and 3rd Generation basics • Nokia transmission Nw elements (Metrohub, FIU, FXC,AXC, AXU, RNC, Ultrasite, Flexihoppers,) • Totem connect/NetAct /Transmission planner • GPRS transmission ( Nokia SGSN/GGSN) training. TOOLS Available: • Laptop , HP 530 / Sw: Mapinfo, Pathloss 4 • GPS Garmin 2000 + Sw, Digital camera & phone WORKED COUNTRIES: Philippines, Malaysia, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, South Africa, Burkina- Faso, Chad, Niger, Brazil. UAE. Sierra Leone, Guatemala, Ghana, Tanzania, UK EDUCATION • Helsinki Technical School (Certificate) • Helsinki Technical Trade School (Certificate) HOBBY´S Swimming, Travelling, Radio amateur (OH2AWW) PERSONAL DATA Nacionality : Finnish (EU) Address: Oksatie 5A. 02720 Fin. Birth: 28/02/47 Drivers licence EU Status: Married Phone: + 358400604159 Intl. Skype : hsopanen Mail:

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